Software projects I maintain or I am involved in

IceHawk framework

The IceHawk framework

A PHP7+ micro-framework with components to develop web-based CQRS applications or APIs.

Dresden Community - Code of Conduct

Dresden Code of Conduct

A simple website providing a code of conduct in several languages for the communities and events in and around the city of Dresden, Germany.

Fast CGI Client

A PHP fast CGI client for sending requests (a)synchronously to PHP-FPM

State machine generator

A PHP code generator (PHAR) for OOP state machines.


A web interface to read data from redis server(s)


Validating data with a fluent interfaced class


A PHP OOP implementation of the "Kölner Phonetik Index" - a soundex-like algorithm for german language.

This is an adaption of Andy Theiler's precedural implementation with some fixes and unit tests.


A PHP7+ OOP implementation for validating crontab interval strings.

TreeMDown [triː <'em> daʊn] & TreeMDown Multi

A single page PHP application for browsing markdown documents in a file structure and translating them to HTML.