Welcome to TreeMDown!

TreeMDown (triː <'em> daʊn) is a single page PHP application for browsing markdown documents in a file structure and translating them to HTML.

Information about the markdown syntax can be found here.

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This website is completely made with TreeMDown and markdown files. Feel free to browse the tree. :)

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  • Recursive built tree of your given root directory
  • Include or exclude files and/or directories
  • Show or hide empty directories
  • Fast markdown translation to HTML
  • All assets embedded, no external ressources needed
  • Auto-generated table of contents (with scrollspy) and table of figures (images)
  • Search in all your files with grep
  • Search term occurance badges on all matching files
  • GitHub like layout of markdown content
  • Syntax highlighting for code blocks
  • Access to raw markdown content
  • Personalization of header and footer texts
  • Layout made mobile first with twitter bootstrap 3
  • Pretty printing of markdown documents
  • Simple including for your projects