Holger Woltersdorf

I'm Holger

Web developer, speaker, Freelancer, CEO & CTO


I am CEO & CTO at From Home GmbH and have about 15 years of developer and team-lead experience in mobile communication, fashion and food eCommerce industry.

I am a PHP developer for more than 20 years, Co-founder and chairman of the PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V., avid meetup and conference speaker, core-developer of the open-source PHP framework "IceHawk", dedicated to multiple other PHP open-source projects.

What I can do.

I can increase your PHP team's productivity by setting up a proper development environment on a suitable technology stack, task-automation and useful documentation.

I can give practical oriented workshops on professional, framework-agnostic PHP development. If you have specific topics in mind, just reach out.

I can show you benefits of test-driven, open-source software development and best practices in software refactoring and project maintenance.

I can help.

I am currently available for freelance work.

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